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NIC - Febuary 20-21, 2004 - Review - Pictures
Well let’s start off by saying it didn’t rain…..that should set the stage. If you’ve been to a Sticks NIC before you know rain = MUD. We started off by setting up aound 3PM on Friday and some thanks needs to given out to all those that helped. And again, thanks to the careful planning of the Team NIC, there were NO major networking power problems. Go team go.

COD Screen Shot The first organized event was a Call of Duty Fragfest in which there was nerve shattering battle for the top shooters at the event. Thirty minutes of spine tingling, lurking in the shadows, waiting to shoot or be shot. The battle was intense and the casualties ewre high. In the end, Bad Mojo emerged victorious leaving a wake of bloody bodies and empty shell casings. I can see this happening again at future NIC’s, so keep your skills sharp and find better hidding spots.

Several hours of freeplay would soon follow where anything from early day Total Annihilation to modern day Battlefield 1942 was played. Those that couldn’t hang, slept. Those that could played into the wee hours of the morning, taking no prisoners along the way.

CS Bracket The next tournament wouldn’t be played until the Saturday morning, and it was going to be some old school CS. Yes, that’s right, we said CS. Crawling from the depths of the thought to thought to be dead on-line games. We decided to bring it back and play a little just for old times sake. The tounament would be 2v2, double elimination, on small non-objective maps, like fy-iceworld. Goal….kill or be killed. No hostages….no bomb sites….just good vs evil. Battles were close, and in many cases could have gone to either team unless you drew the Elite Element as you opponent. The winners of the “losers brackets”….Team Scum Bag, consisting of greaser and Lobo, fought hard, but fell well short of being able to pull of a miraculous upset of Elite Element in the finals, losing 24-10. Elite Element consisted of Iceman and Lok1. These guiys breezed though the oponents like a knife though hot butter. Congratulations to these guys and there 133t skillz. Maybe next time.

The highly anticipated Desert Combat tournament would next. Special thanks goes to Ultragib for sponsoring this event with $250 worth of gift certificates from EB games. Four teams were randomly drawn to be in some 4v4 custom map action. The tounament would be the best of 3 rounds, double elimination. The action was high, and the tactics were precise. Capture and hold the flag if your man enough (no offense SueZQ). Small, heavily wooded, custom maps, designed by TDA were used. There were very fews vehicles involved, minimizing the flying and driving skills BF is known for. Hand to hand combat was the name of the game and Team 1, consisting of Lok1, SueZQ, CurDog and Lobo proved to be the best at it, beating Team 3 (Mr. Clean, Umpa, Kurrelgyre, and AFIsoldier). It should be noted that Team 4 consisting of tda.ocelot, Freebeak and greaser played the entire tournament 1 man down, and pulled of some amazing wins, but in the end, failed to complete the goals at hand.

The awards ceremony and door prize drawing would soon follow the tournaments, crowning all of those that were victorious.

Door prizes would be given out on a “you chose what you want” basis. First to be drawn would have pick of all of the gifts we had to give.

There would also be an additional drawing for a $50 gift certificte from EB games provided by TDA for all of those that entered the Desert Combat tournamnet. Quintin Stone would be the winner of that one.

Network Invasion Charlotte would like to thank, first and foremost, all of the fine individuals who came to our party and made it a roaring success.  We would also like to thank our sponsors.

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