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Next NIC Lanparty - December 7-8, 2007
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Mushkin Memory

What to Bring:

There are few things that compare to the satisfaction level achieved by splattering a friends, or a complete strangers, gray matter on the wall in a intense match of Counter Strike (my personal favorite) or Quake3. Even if you and six of your heavily armed friends have just been raped, by the lone gunman sporting only a 9mm with a single clip, is better than a great day at work. To assist you in achieving this level of gratification, we would like to provide you with a few suggestions before embarking on the journey to NIC.

There are several things you should do SEVERAL DAYS in advance to heading to a LAN Party. I say several days, because I speak from experience. Trying to set up you computer the night before only results in setting up you computer during the actual LAN Party. (and that really sucks by the way)

Realize that when you have paid your entrance fee, you have paid for the power and the network access that you will be using. The resources we have are not unlimited and we will be managing them closely to make sure you getting the optimum gaming experience. (If you want to bring more than one computer to the event, please discuss it with the staff.)


Bring your own chair??!!! No, of course not. However if you feel that you are not the same head-smashin', ass-kickin' machine you are at home without your chair (and you have the extra space in your car) please feel free to bring your personal, high-back, leather, executive chair. But the B.Y.O.C we are talking about means `Bring Your Own Computer'. As mentioned before, you may want to consider having it configured with all of the hardware you intend using and all of the software you will be running.

Another important tip, if you would like to leave with all of the equipment you arrived with, you may want to label your stuff. Get some masking tape, a black marker, and put your name on EVERYTHING. This will help avoid confusion when all of the fun is over and it is time to start collecting your stuff.

Required items:

Computer - configured and ready to go when you arrive.
Software - any legal copy of any game you may want to play (and drivers!!!) you may need to reload/install
Ethernet card (RJ-45 style, like a phone jack)
Ethernet cable (about 15 feet at least)
Monitor (unless you are blind)
Keyboard and Mouse (or equivalent)
Power strip
Brain Ė (optional but you may want to borrow a friends if you donít have your own)

Suggested Items:

Extra network supplies (cables/hubs)
Cash (for food, bail, whatever)

What NOT to bring:

UPS - A UPS is a great idea for your home, please leave it there.
Bad Attitude - Leave it with your UPS. Relax and have fun.
Drugs/Alcohol/Weapons - Just remember, no one gets hurt and we can do this again sometime

What we will provide each person with....

One RJ-45 10/100Mbs network connection to the LAN
One 120V AC outlet for power
One spot to sit your machine, accessories and yourself
Access to restrooms
Servers to host all the games/tournaments listed on the games page.
Alienware - Ultimate Gaming PC
Atlantis Gaming Center
Design My PC
Mushkin Memory
Thermaltake Thermal Solutions
Jinx Hackwear

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